The Strategy of the Young Africa FOUNDATION is informed by our belief that every human being has been created by God for a unique purpose. He does not make any waste material! Each individual human being is extremely valuable and has immense potential.

Our passion is to assist Africa’s children and youth to help discover their own purpose in life and to fulfill their potential. Often this means helping the adults who care for these children and support these youth to also understand their own purpose and help them too, to fulfill their potential.

The underlying question that the overall Young Africa INITIATIVE, of which the Young Africa FOUNDATION forms a part, is trying to answer is: Development Towards What?

Our Worldview

Our Strategy is also informed by our worldview, which may be summarised as follows:

  • The world is not a neutral space. There is Good (God) and there is evil (d’evil). 
  • God is Love and the source of all life. He is our Creator, our ‘Father’. He created a good world, inside a good universe, which is expanding continuously. God is all about love, creation, health, life and light.
  • Evil is the source of all negative aspects of life: fear, disease, death, destruction, misery and darkness.
  • We as human beings are born into this world and are faced on a daily basis with choices, that shape our lives and our future. The questions we face are always the same: do we choose good (God) or do we choose evil (devil). Good choices are those which result in love, creation, health, life and light. Evil choices are those which result in fear, disease, death, destruction, misery and darkness.

The Young Africa FOUNDATION assists children and youth, as well as the adults whom they have been entrusted to, with information and encouragement, as well as opportunities to develop their skills and fulfill their potential, aimed at making good – or positive – choices for their lives. This includes the individual, the family or household, the community and ultimate the continent of Africa as a whole.