“A Partnership Towards Restoration Of Young Lives.”


Combining Our Strengths

Four organisations decided to work together to create a safe haven for 40 young men, each of whom has made the decision to take the journey towards recovering from drug addiction. These organisations are:  

  • The Themba Trust – a deep rural charitable and educational organisation with a history of 35 years, 18 years of which were characterised by a commitment towards assisting disadvantaged individuals to recover from alcohol addiction. To read more about Themba Trust kindly click here.
  • The Community Arise and Shine (CAS) Foundation – an urban-based non-profit organisation, based in Eldorado Park, Johannesburg, which is working at the coalface of gangsterism and drug-addiction, creating a first point of entry into a life of restoration. To read more about CAS kindly click here.
  • The FORGIVEN WAYS NPC – a non-profit company established with the aim to transform the spiritual, business and socio-political environment across Africa, through growing enterprises to create jobs and teaching biblical values. To read more about FORGIVEN WAYS kindly click here.
  • The Young Africa FOUNDATION – a youth development organisation working to bring issues facing the 200 million unemployed youth of Africa to the attention of leaders in Africa and across the world, while also partnering with others to build an enabling environment for these youth to fulfill their God-given potential. To read more about the Young Africa VISION, kindly click here.

Brought Together In A Spirit Of Faith

It was a normal Monday morning. Ernest van Antwerpen from FORGIVEN WAYS NPC and Russel Florence, a business development consultant working with the organisation, were having a quick chat in the office of BEE Easy, one of the enterprises brought to life by FORGIVEN WAYS. Reinhild Niebuhr from Young Africa was sitting nearby, waiting for a meeting with the FORGIVEN WAYS Leadership Team, and Ernest turned to her, saying: “You have to hear this, Reinhild. Russel has met an amazing project in Eldorado Park this weekend, which was started by a hairdresser. Her two sons were struggling with drug addiction and she could not afford to send them to a rehab centre. She had started praying for them and one day they said they really wanted to stop using drugs. So they came to work with her every day, because they only felt safe from temptation when they were close to their mother. In between dealing with her hairdressing clients, she would read from the Bible and pray for them. Eventually, their friends came to join them. In the end, the hairdressing salon was so full of youth trying to stop using drugs, that she stopped the business and moved them all into her own house. She herself moved into a tiny store room to sleep on the floor, so that over 40 young guys could have space. She prays for them and teaches them about the Bible. They are completely living on faith and the community supports the project through donations of food. FORGIVEN WAYS really must help them! Russel is now looking for a farm where they can live and learn new skills, so that they can have a fresh start in life.” 

“There is a farm”, said Reinhild, who is also the Chairperson of the Themba Trust, a deep rural, non-profit organisation started by her uncle, Pastor Stillfried Niebuhr, who had served as a missionary of the Lutheran Church in Southern Africa. “I will discuss this with the Executive Committee of the Themba Trust, and see if they would be willing to provide accommodation for these young men, but the Themba Trust does not have the budget to cover any costs.”

Within one month, the first group of 40 young men moved to the Thembalethu Youth Camp facility owned by the Themba Trust. The intention is to institute a skills development programme, so that these young men can earn a living to cover their own costs, while living and working in an environment where the tempation of drug addiction is not as acute as in the city. FORGIVEN WAYS NPC was able to donate the first R10 000 towards food, mobilise another partnership with the Integrated Rural Development Centre (IRDC), to teach the young men basic vegetable gardening skills, BEE Easy facilitated an in-kind grant of seeds to be grown, as well as an off-take agreement for the vegetables produced, from Mrs Candice Robbertze, Mrs South Africa 2018, who owns an innovative food business, called Calorie Conscious. Russel Florence also arranged a transportation donation to take the group to their new home. They arrived late at night on 21 June 2018, in the middle of a freezing winter on the farm. The team agreed to name the project “FORGIVEN CARE”, because of the commitment of FORGIVEN WAYS NPC to work to carry the costs of the programme, until it was self-sufficient.

Since that time they have been living at Thembalethu Youth Camp. However, things didn’t work out as planned! FORGIVEN WAYS NPC was suddenly faced with a major setback, when its key donor company experienced huge challenges, making it impossible for them to meet their commitments to date! The Themba Trust continued providing food and electricity to the 40 young men in faith, that God will send the donations needed to recover this cost, and to sustain the project until it can be self-sustainable in future. Because of this setback, no gardening tools or equipment have been bought and we URGENTLY require donations to cover all costs, and to have start-up finance to get the income-generating projects going to ensure the self-sustainability of FORGIVEN CARE.


Help Us And We Help You To Meet Your B-BBEE Target

If you run, own or are a part-shareholder in a business in South Africa, and your business makes a socio-economic development grant, an enterprise development grant or a skills development grant to the FORGIVEN CARE project through the Young Africa FOUNDATION, we can help you translate this donation into achieving your B-BBEE Target!

  • Socio-economic development grant – we will apply the funding we receive through the socio-economic development grant towards the food, electricity and transportation costs, as well as the Programme Staff salaries to run the FORGIVEN CARE Programme.
  • Enterprise development grant – we will apply the enterprise development grant to establishing sustainable, environmentally friendly income-generating companies, starting with the vegetable production company, where recovering drug-addicts will be able to work while finding their feet on the road to restoration.
  • Skills development grant – we will apply the skills development grant to establishing learnerships in the field of technical and vocational training, since we are planning to establish such training opportunities for the recovering drug-addicts, so that they may become ready to leave the REBOOT CENTRE one day and build productive and purposeful lives, and contribute to the well-being of their own families.

NOTE: Kindly note that both the FORGIVEN WAYS NPC, as well as the Young Africa FOUNDATION are available to serve as Level 1 B-BBEE Ownership Solutions for your company in South Africa. Talk to Russel about how to achieve this.

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