“An Impactful Opportunity To Grow

The Financial Power Of Africa’s Youth.”

Learn to grow your wealth.

The Young Africa MONEY CLUB is open to anyone who is a student of the ACADEMY For A Young Africa, or linked to any of the Young Africa enterprises in any way – whether as a shareholder, entrepreneur or employee.

The Young Africa MONEY CLUB is a membership-based association of people who wish to make use of the excellent opportunity that exists in forming a Cooperative Finance Institution (CFI). As a member of the Young Africa MONEY CLUB you will have access to free training to learn how to grow your wealth and how to have access to interest-free loans.

We are very happy to be working under the auspices of the Generational Income Group (GIG), one of the most experienced CFI’s in South Africa. To learn more about how a CFI works and why YOU should become a member of a CFI, click on this link to watch a video produced by GIG.

Initially, the Young Africa MONEY CLUB is only open to members in South Africa, but we are planning to extend membership over time to any individual or entity across Africa, which forms part of the network of businesses and organisations that work together on achieving the Young Africa VISION.



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