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Wireless Data

Helping Communities To Participate In The Digital Economy

Financial Systems

Introducing Innovative Financial Systems Which Can Help Grow Sustainable Wealth

Fresh Water

Implementing New Ways Of Helping Communities To Have Access To Affordable, Clean Water

Renewable Energy

Investing In Solutions To Bring Renewable Energy Solutions To Africa’s Communities

Resource Recovery

Creating Sustainable Livelihoods Through Reusing and Repurposing Valuable Resources


Moving goods and people across the vast African landscape in order to reach every corner of the continent

Africa’s Communities Will Be Stronger With Better Physical and Social Infrastructure And Safety Systems In Place.

Let’s Imagine An African Village For The 21st Century.

And Build It Together.

We are working with partners to bring Wireless Hubs to schools, churches and businesses across Africa, with the aim to ensure access to fast, affordable data. In this way we hope to help bridge the digital divide and prepare every child and youth for the 21st Century workplace. If you want your school, church or business to host a Wireless Hub, contact us by clicking here.

We partner with various financial system and service providers to help especially marginalised people across Africa to achieve financial literacy and gain the basic knowledge needed to make money and grow wealth. We look for solutions that prevent consumer debt and high transaction fee and interest charges. One of the solutions we offer is membership to the Young Africa MONEY CLUB. Click here to find out more.

The world is ready for making the shift away from fossil-based fuels to renewable energy. ‘Young Africa ENERGY’ – is our investment project to support the roll-out of green energy technologies. This is a brand new initiative. We are exploring the establishment of micro solar-farms, wind energy turbines, hydro-electrical installations and other innovations. If you have developed a technology that can help create energy from renewable resources or which can help save energy, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

Water is the source of life. We work with various partners who have developed innovative solutions aimed at ensuring that everyone in Africa has access to fresh, clean water. If your community needs water infrastructure, or if you are a business working in the field of water provision, purification or irrigation, kindly contact us by joining the Young Africa INTRANET. To sign up, please click here

Africa needs sustainable mobility systems and vehicles to transport the new market of 200 million youth, who are being prepared through the Young Africa VISION to take their rightful place in society. While there will be a strong focus on ensuring that these newcomers to the job market are able to walk or cycle to their workplace, wherever possible, mass transport systems powered by renewable energies and individual green “cars” or “pods” will shape the future of transportation. Young Africa MOBILITY is open to working with various partners active in the field of green mobility. Kindly contact us through signing up on the Young Africa INTRANET, by clicking here.

The Young Africa enterprise development strategy focuses on replicating successful business models in the form of franchises. One of the very first franchise-based businesses we are growing is in the field of resource recovery, or ‘waste management’. In most fast-growing communities the collection of waste is a major challenge and even in established communities many recoverable resources are being wasted. We want to change this. Our philosophy is simple: There. Is. No. Waste. If you have a passion about waste recycling, contact us NOW by clicking here.

In so-called ‘developed’ countries it is possible to deliver goods easily to anyone with a physical address. In Africa, the movement of goods and people remains one of the greatest challenges. The beautiful landscapes belie the fact that the distances between communities are the cause for much economic hardship and this makes living in rural areas expensive. Young Africa works with partners to help address this challenge, while opening new doors for entrepreneurs across the continent. If you’re interested in starting a local distribution logistics agency as part of our network, please contact us by clicking here.

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