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“An Imaginative Investment Holding Company Aimed At

Growing Africa’s Entrepreneurs.”

  • Young Africa HOLDINGS (Pty) Ltd has been established with the aim to create an innovative, sustainable system to enable enterprise development on a notable scale, not only in South Africa, but ultimately, across Africa, with the ultimate aim to contribute to massive job-creation.
  • Young Africa HOLDINGS (Pty) Ltd has been constituted as a 52% black-owned BEE Level 2 Enterprise.

Young Africa HOLDINGS focuses on supporting especially – but not exclusively – black women and youth entrepreneurs to grow businesses in the following strategic investment sectors:


Africa’s Communities Will Be Stronger With Better Physical and Social Infrastructure And Safety Systems In Place. Let’s Imagine An African Village For The 21st Century. And Build It Together. Click here to learn more about this investment strategy.

Africa Is A Continent With Colourful Cultures. This Offers Innovative Opportunities For Value Creation In The Fields Of Entertainment, Fashion, Décor, Furniture, Art and Music. Let’s Inspire The World With Authentic African Music And Art! Click here to learn more about this investment strategy.

The Natural Heritage Of Africa Serves As The Perfect Environment For Eco-Tourism, While Sustainable Resources Can Be Developed To Provide Everything We Need To Live In Harmony With Nature. Click here to learn more about this investment strategy.

More And More People Agree That The Education Of Our Children And Youth In Particular, And Skills Development In General, Are Key Building Blocks To Ensure Africa’s Successful Move Into A Prosperous Future. Investing In Our People Will Result In The Highest ROI! Click here to learn more about this investment strategy.

We Are Passionate About Bringing Integrated Healthcare To Our People Across Africa. Our Investments Into Health Start With Nutrition And Empowering Individuals To Better Manage Their Own Health, While Also Focusing On Ensuring That State-Of-The-Art Healthcare Services Are Available To Underserved Communities At An Affordable Cost. Click here to learn more about this investment strategy.

Technology Is An Expression Of HOPE: Hope For A Better Future! We Are Thrilled To Be Able To Support Entrepreneurs Who Are At The Forefront Of Developing Software And Providing Access To Devices And Technology Infrastructure, Which Can Help Boost Business Success Across Africa. Whatever You Can Dream, We Have ICT Specialists Who Can Build It! Click here to learn more about this investment strategy.


Young Africa HOLDINGS (Pty) Ltd is based in South Africa, but aims to invest into businesses across Africa. Because of its commitment and purpose to contribute to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BB-BEE), issuing of shares are subject to ensuring that the company remains a 51% black-owned and 51% women-owned company, with at least a Level 2 BB-BEE status.

Furthermore, the founding shareholders reserve the right to retain a share of 26%, in order to ensure that the original intention of the company is upheld into the future. Entrepreneurs, employees and consultants related to any of the businesses in which Young Africa HOLDINGS invests, or which partner with the company and any of its subsidiaries are given the opportunity to own shares. This offers an innovative exit strategy for businesses related to the holdings company, while promoting ownership of the various businesses by their respective employees.

Beyond these two groups, shares are available for purchase by any party interested in supporting the overall Young Africa VISION and objectives.

Buy Shares Now

Invest in Africa’s entrepreneurs by purchasing shares in Young Africa HOLDINGS now! Kindly note that of the first one million shares made available, all 48% of shares in Allocation Blocks 2 and 3 have been taken up already. This means that at this point only black South Africans are eligible to purchase shares in Allocation Block 1. Shares are currently sold at R100.- per share. For more information on applying to purchase shares, kindly send an email to

Work With Us

No matter who you are and where you live, there is an opportunity in which you can work with us to help achieve the vision of Young Africa. Let’s take on the challenge to shape Africa in a way that the rest of the world will be inspired! There are many different ways in which you can play a role to make history together with us. To find out more, simply send an email to and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can!

Company Founders

The founders of Young Africa HOLDINGS are South African entrepreneurs with a passionate love for Africa and a proven commitment to economic development of the continent, especially marginalised communities. Learn more about them by clicking here.

BB-BEE Shares Available

Employee Shares Available

Founder Shares Available

Women-Owned Shares To Date

NOTE: Availability of General Shares and Employee Shares are subject to maintaining 52% black-ownership, 52% youth ownership (i.e. under 35 years when buying or receiving shares) and 52% women-ownership at all times.

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