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Young Africa INVESTMENTS has established a specialist division that focuses on promoting the expansion of franchise-based businesses in communities across Africa, as a key investment strategy to enable rapid commercial growth and job creation. Franchise-based businesses are seen as a critical way in which Africa’s 200 million unemployed youths’ skills can be developed, through on-the-job training in first-time employment opportunities, while already earning an income.

Similarly, mature African individuals over the age of 45, who have been working in government or in large corporations can be encouraged to become franchisee entrepreneurs, thereby creating a double system of job creation:

  • By moving out of existing jobs, these new franchise owners create opportunities for their next-in-line colleagues at work, opening up opportunities for new full-time employees in their former employer organizations.
  • Each franchisee entrepreneur will need 3-30 employees themselves, thereby creating lots of first-time job opportunities for Africa’s 200 million youth.

A AFRICA GATEWAY Franchise Headoffice Hub is planned. This will become the training campus for all the various franchise operations. The location of this hub will be in the City of Tshwane, South Africa’s capital, in close proximity to Lanseria Airport. This will make it easy for Africa-wide franchisees to travel to the hub and receive the necessary training.

If you are a Franchisor, or if you have an existing successful business, which you would like to franchise for expansion into Africa, please contact the Founder of the Young Africa INITIATIVE, Reinhild Niebuhr, at