An Innovative Strategy

The Young Africa Strategy comprises the following components:

Socio-Economic Development

Africa is struggling with a huge divide between rich and poor: a wealthy elite is accumulating an increasing amount of wealth, while the majority of people on the continent continue to be disadvantaged socially and economically.

Skills Development

People who have the necessary skills to lead a productive, fulfilled life and create worthy and sustainable livelihoods are the basic requirement of strong economies and strong nations.

Enterprise Development

The only way in which more jobs can be created in Africa, is when more new enterprises are created or existing enterprises can grow. Partner with us to work towards a common goal of supporting enterprises to start and to grow, in order to contribute to job creation -especially for youth.

Supplier Development

As thing stand, Africa exports most of its natural and mineral resources while job growth is very slow! Embarking on a concerted effort to develop suppliers is an intelligent way of increasing local production while reducing the trade deficit.

The ‘Young Africa’ strategy focuses on developing skills and building businesses which provide services in the following focus areas:

YA Focus Areas

The ‘Young Africa VISION’ further involves a number of strategic instruments, namely:

  • A Private Equity Fund to raise investment into growing businesses across Africa
  • A Business Services Company to provide business mentorship and management support services, as well as software, to help businesses across Africa to grow.
  • A Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) which seeks social grants aimed at providing scholarships, and funding ‘Community Rewards’ for youth who are financially disadvantaged
  • An Africa-wide Education and Training Institution which provides access to skills development specifically to currently marginalised youth.
  • A Savings and Lending Cooperative, which enables a new perspective on personal financial management and helps develop a ‘savings culture’.
  • A Community Rewards system which makes it possible for voluntary work in the community to be rewarded by a points system, which in turn enables access to personal development opportunities, healthcare and other basic livelihood needs.