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A Private, Christian Education Institution

The ACADEMY For A Young Africa is a private education service provider, which is built on the principle of ‘Lifelong Learning’. It offers a wide range of courses in partnership with various accredited and specialist service providers. All first-time students are required to register for a Core Curriculum, which develops leadership and entrepreneurial skills, based on Christian values.

The Core Curriculum has been developed by Reinhild Niebuhr, experienced social entrepreneur and committed education activist, who is the Founder of the ACADEMY For A Young Africa. The content draws on knowledge from across a wide spectrum of recognised leaders in the field of personal development.

The Core Curriculum consists of the ‘Leadership And Entrepreneurship Programme’ (LEAP), which runs over a period of two years, followed by the ‘Leadership And Enterprise Development’ (LEAD) programme, which is an Executive Leadership Development programme, which also runs over a period of two years. Both comprise the following modules, with LEAP providing a basic foundation and LEAD an advanced programme content:

Module 1: Personal Leadership Development

Module 2: Business Leadership Development

Module 3: Community Leadership Development

Module 4: Global Leadership Development

The LEAP and the LEAD Programmes are open to any individual, regardless of whether they participate in another course offered by the ACADEMY. From time to time, intensive week-long workshops are offered for Trainers and Business Executives.

Of course, students from all religious backgrounds are welcome to register, with the understanding that they will be learning Christian faith-based values. Students will also be expected to respect the faith-based nature of the institution, while residing on the premises of campuses or satellite campuses and participate in all devotions, prayer meetings. Also, students will be free to choose to attend their own religious meetings off-campus, while living in our residences, in their own time. Where such meetings coincide with lectures or compulsory student activities, students may be excused, with the understanding that they need to go through the lecture material afterwards during their own time.

A Blended Learning Approach

Courses presented by the ACADEMY For A Young Africa combine four ways of learning to prepare each student in the best possible way for the career or business of his or her choice. The four ways of learning are:

  1. DIGITAL – all theoretical knowledge is available on an innovative learning platform, which is generally accessible through a smartphone or other mobile device.
  2. CLASSROOM – Students attend classes during ‘Block Weeks’. They live in student residences during these periods. The ACADEMY For A Young Africa offers this training at partner institutions, which serve as residential ‘Satellite Campuses’.
  3. WORKPLACE – Each student is placed in a workplace environment throughout the course of his or her studies. This is critical and enables students to get practical workplace experience while studying. Some workplace placements offer the opportunity to earn a ‘Learnership Wage’ or ‘Youth Wage’ or earn money on a commission basis, making it possible for students to pay their own way throughout their studies.
  4. GROUP – Each students is linked to a ‘Learning Circle’ to other students in the same area and group assignments are completed on the Core Curriculum. In this way, students are connected to other students who offer positive peer pressure and ensure that a well-rounded student life experience. At the same time, each student learns team leadership and teamwork skills, which are critical for the workplace or business environment.

Our aim is to ensure SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION of our courses by each and every student who registers and to assist every student to make a suitable career choice, based on his or her vision for life and human potential.

All students start classes in the core curriculum, which has been designed to assist students in making career choices, which help each student to shine. Generally, all students first register for the LEAP course and then for the LEAD course. Where a student is already in an Executive or Management position and meets basic entry requirements of the LEAD Course, she or he may be able to register for the LEAD course immediately, and not start with the LEAP course.

A Rich, Caring Human Experience

Every student registering at the ACADEMY For A Young Africa is encouraged to participate in a student exchange and international internship or workplace and executive exchange programme, as part of the core curriculum.

  • During the first MODULE on Personal Leadership Development, each student is encouraged to embark on a student, internship, workplace or executive exchange programme in his or her own province.
  • In MODULE 2 on Business Leadership Development, each student is encouraged to participate in a relevant exchange programme in another province or part of his or her own country.
  • MODULE 3, which focuses on Community Leadership Development, each student is expected to spend time working voluntarily in another country in Africa and during
  • MODULE 4 on Global Leadership Development, every student has the opportunity to spend time working voluntarily on another continent.

The ACADEMY For A Young Africa proactively works to build relationships with educational institutions, Christian Churches and non-profit organisations and businesses across the world, in order to facilitate these exchange programmes. Of course this also means that every student is expected to host a student from another local community, province, African country or other continent (Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australasia, North and South America) for an agreed period of time, in order to build relationships across the globe and across cultural and racial divides.

Let’s build friendships across our neighbourhoods and borders in Africa and reach out to build networks across the world!






The ACADEMY For A Young Africa ascribes to the guiding verse of Luke 2.14:

“Glory to God in the Highest; Peace on Earth and Good Will towards all People.” 






Everything about building strong communities and the infrastructure they need. This includes social infrastructure, physical infrastructure such as housing, retail infrastructure, industrial infrastructure, resource infrastructure such as energy, water, sewage management, safety systems, financial systems, transportation and distribution logistics.




Everything about the cultural industries and how to make a successful living through arts, design, fashion design, graphic design, industrial design, jewellry-making, acting, dancing, music, movies, creativity and writing.


Everything about the natural and mineral resources earth and the universe grants us, including energy from the sun, wind, natural gas and biogas, mining and beneficiation of metals and minerals, plants, animals, birdlife, insects and the ocean, and the art of agriculture – growing plants and animals. Learn how to run your own ecology business – agriculture, horticulture, mining, energy, resource renewal or ecotourism.


Everything about how to help others fulfil their human potential, how to teach and guide others, from helping parents to care best for their babies, early childhood development, pre-school education, primary school education, secondary school education, becoming a lecturer or workplace trainer. Learn how to run your own education business.



Everything about helping people to care for their own health, from nutrition and fitness, preventing disease and supporting people who are ill or not able to care for themselves, working within the healthcare system and also providing complementary therapies and human care services, such as skincare, nail and haircare. Learn how to run your own healthcare business.




Everything about helping people to use the new technology that is available to improve their lives, creating technology – both through coding software as well as through developing new tools, equipment and devices, learning to install technology, learning to maintain it, learning to make it, import it, where necessary and also how to sell it.


It’s All About Learning By Doing.

The ACADEMY For A Young Africa has been established especially for people, young and old, who are looking for a way to learn that is not reliant on theoretical knowledge, but assists each individual to fulfil their potential, by combining theory with practice, knowledge with social interaction, development of the mind with overall human development. The ACADEMY For A Young Africa acknowledges that the legacy of government school systems across the continent has created a situation whereby learners are not always supported effectively to develop all aspects of their life, namely to understand how to manage their own health, starting with personal and household habits and cultural beliefs that no longer serve individuals well; how to optimally use their mind and monetary resources to build sustainable livelihoods, well beyond their own generation; how to build relationships and help to grow the communities in which they live in a positive way; and how to draw on the inspiration provided by God through His Word, while also learning how to develop self-motivation and become an inspiration to others.

Faith Is A Gift

The ACADEMY For A Young Africa teaches its students that Faith is a gift: no one can force faith on you! You are free to choose to have faith in God, and gain eternal life through believing in his Son, Jesus Christ. If you want faith, all you have to do is to ask the Holy Spirit to give you the gift of faith. Then you can grow your faith by calling on the Holy Spirit to guide you, as you learn to read God’s Word, the Holy Bible. You may also choose to join a community of fellow believers in Christ, to help you strengthen your faith and to become part of an incredible, global support network.

We encourage students to understand that FEAR is the opposite of FAITH, and that faith overcomes all fear. We believe that having faith in Jesus Christ helps human beings to make choices that are in line with the example he set: to love our enemies, to become peacemakers, to treat everyone fairly, to welcome strangers, to honour and respect one another – regardless of gender, to stand up for justice on behalf of the poor, children and widows.

We’re encouraged to see that the people of countries who have entrenched these principles in their constitutions and in the majority follow these guidelines, have a lesser difference between incomes of the wealthy and the rest, make it possible for girls and women to fulfil their potential and live in greater safety and less fear of crime.

While the ACADEMY’s faith-based teaching is in line with the teachings of confessional Lutheran churches across the world, students are never required to join a particular church or religious grouping. While we teach you what we know and believe, we always respect your FREE WILL! 

Hope Is An Act

The Founder of the ACADEMY For A Young Africa, Reinhild Niebuhr, is inspired by Palestinian, Arabic, Christian, Lutheran Pastor Mitri Raheb, who emphasises that ‘HOPE is not something we feel or think. HOPE is what we do.’ This perspective, that Hope is an Act, is shared with students of the ACADEMY For A Young Africa. In the face of many challenges, a person can only take a step forward in the hope that things will become better!

Of course, our hope at the ACADEMY For A Young Africa, is  focused on Jesus Christ. We share the belief that, no matter what obstacles and pain we may face here on earth, our God, his Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, are always with us and help us walk through any difficulty and ultimately, overcome it, specifically on a spiritual level. We believe that death has been overcome and live in the hope of life everlasting. 

Because of this hope, we can have the courage to face life and also take the risks necessary in order to let us grow personally, financially, intellectually, relationship-wise and ultimately, spiritually. By doing a small act of Hope in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles every day, we become the change we want to see in the world – as Mahatma Gandhi said.

The ACADEMY For A Young Africa believes that, beyond hope in Jesus Christ, education – especially positive values-based education – is the greatest source of hope for especially unemployed youth and poverty-stricken adults across Africa. We are passionate about sharing this hope with everyone, who is looking for a way to change his or her life to the better!


Love Is A Choice

When you become a student at the ACADEMY For A Young Africa, you will learn that the word ‘Love’ has been hi-jacked by clever marketing gurus, to confuse us by tapping into the deep-felt need of every human being to love and to feel loved. Love has been linked, nowadays especially through music and movies, to the other human need, the desire for sexual gratification. The human instinct for sex is directly linked to our common instinct for survival as a species, and as a result it is quite easy to manipulate us to spend money on things which we believe will make us more ‘sexy’ – that is ‘attractive to a sexual partner’ – because our instincts tell us that unless we are loved, we will be lonely and thus vulnerable, and unless we have sex, our species will disappear.

And so, because we believe that sex is love, and that acquiring certain things or behaving in a certain way to impress peers is necessary in order to be loved, we blindly follow the impulses of acquiring things or engaging in behaviour that gets us sex, in the vain hope that in this way we will gain love. This is probably the greatest cause of bad human decisions across the world! Debt, unwanted pregnancies, addiction to drugs, thoughtless consumerism – all of these realities may be brought back to the basic human desire to at least ‘feel good’, even if we don’t ‘feel loved’.

We teach students to understand that LOVE is defined radically differently in the Bible in 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13. And that once we understand that LOVE is a choice of how to be, and that we are always loved by God, through his son Jesus Christ, our lives and the choices we make, radically change!  

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