“An Innovative Turnaround Strategy For A Continent Of Youth”

With 200 million people aged between 15 and 24, Africa has the youngest population in the world. However, a lack of marketable skills development and sufficient job creation is by far the biggest hurdle young Africans face today. These high youth unemployment figures hold back the economic growth of countries across Africa. The potential of economic growth in Africa is immense, if these young people are given the opportunity to become economically active. But without strategic support to facilitate their socio-economic empowerment on a mass scale, Africa’s youth will struggle to make the shift into living worthy, sustainable, purposeful and productive lives.

“Young Africa” is an entrepreneurial VISION, which aims at growing Africa’s entrepreneurs, so that together we may help create the environment in which each one of us living in Africa – children, youth and adults – can fulfill our human potential. By turning around our own lives, building successful careers and businesses, growing strong families and establishing sustainable communities, we, the people of Africa,  will uplift the continent of Africa as a whole.

We have created the following six instruments in order to achieve this goal:

“An Impactful Investment Company Aimed At Growing African Enterprises”

“Offering Business Support With Integrity For Africa’s Entrepreneurs”

“An Ingenious Way To Triple The Socio-Economic Impact Of Grant Funding In Africa.”

“An Inspired Solution To Develop The Potential Of Africa’s People On A Mass Scale.”

“An Impactful Opportunity To Grow The Financial Power Of Africa’s Youth.”

“An Inventive System To Translate The Immense Social Capital Of Africa’s Youth Into Financial Currency.”

Our Vision

The Young Africa VISION is to assist especially – but not exclusively – black youth across the continent of Africa to fulfill their human potential, thereby creating strong families, sustainable communities, successful businesses and an Africa, which serves as an inspiration to the rest of the world.

Our Mission

The MISSION of Young Africa is to contribute to sustainable job creation on a mass scale by enhancing the capability of entrepreneurs across Africa to grow and build sustainable, environmentally responsible and profitable businesses by creating a support system which enables their success, while also preparing Africa’s youth on a mass scale to fulfill their human potential.

Our Values

The VALUES of Young Africa are mutualism, facilitation, collaboration, transparency, cooperation and integration, working together towards a Greater Good.

200 million youth in Africa

A Book That Describes The Vision


In 2002 South African social entrepreneur Reinhild Niebuhr wrote a book titled ‘Young Africa – Policy Blueprint for a Continent of Youth.’ This book outlines a clear vision and innovative strategy for socio-economic development of Africa – with a specific focus on creating an enabling environment for unemployed youth in Africa. Some of the key ideas in the book were piloted and tested over a period of 10 years in a deep rural context in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. By partnering with other entrepreneurs, the Young Africa VISION is now being translated into a mass socio-economic development system.

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Let’s work together to shape the future of our beloved continent Africa! Read this ebook for some inspiration to start your journey in contributing towards a Young Africa, which is an expression of our collective creativity and efforts towards building a better continent for ourselves, our children and grandchildren.

Partner With Us

No one person, company or even one country can achieve the Young Africa VISION alone. This is why we are inviting YOU to partner with us to reach the goal of helping 200 000 000 youth across Africa to fulfill their potential through learning the skills each one needs to build a successful life.

Partnership Opportunities

Young Africa VISION welcomes any individual, company or organisation which shares our objective of transforming Africa through its youth  as a partner. There are different ways in which you can become involved:


Buy shares in or donate your company’s Enterprise Development funds to Young Africa HOLDINGS in order to help us to grow entrepreneurs across Africa.

YA-Business Mentor

Are you a consultant in any business-related field, such as accounting, human resources or marketing? Then we have an opportunity for you to serve as a consultant to enterprises which we are supporting.

Triple the impact of your social grant funding or socio-economic development funding by financing the Young Africa FOUNDATION. In this way you can assist unemployed youth who are working as volunteers in their community, provide additional capacity to the organisations hosting them and help to boost the local economy.

YA-Learning Circle

Create an opportunity for unemployed youth by either starting a Young Africa Learning Circle or simply by making available your premises to be used as a ‘satellite campus’ for the ACADEMY For A Young Africa, where one or more ‘Learning Circles’ of students registered for the ‘Leadership And Entrepreneurship Programme’ can meet every week to discuss and plan their Group Assignments.


Give an unemployed youth registered as a student for our Leadership And Entrepreneurship Programme (LEAP) the opportunity to gain some work experience while working as an intern in your company. Grow your own business capacity, while contributing to the greater good by opening a door for one youth in Africa.


Grow the capacity of your public benefit organisation, while creating an opportunity for one or more unemployed youth who are registered as students at the ACADEMY For A Young Africa to gain some work experience.

An Innovative Strategy

The ‘Young Africa’ strategy involves a number of innovative approaches for socio-economic development. The ultimate aim is to grow profitable businesses, which in turn will create new, sustainable and worthy jobs, especially for youth.

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